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Array R2 Mini ITX NAS Case


The Array R2 is a slightly updated version of the Array Mini ITX NAS case. The new features/upgrades are;

  • Two expansion slots instead of one, enabling support for Mini DTX M/B
  • Improved HDD cage
  • Improved front fan module


The Array R2 Mini ITX NAS case is setting new standards for the Home Server/DIY NAS market. With it's whopping six(!) hard drive bays in a very small enclosure, hardly bigger than your average bread toaster, it's certainly creating a new niche. 

Built in high quality aluminium straight through with a nice touch for details, the Array R2 case provides a very exclusive way to store all your important data. The hard drive cage with room for six 3,5-inch HDD and one SSD, is removable and fitted with silicone anti-vibration grommets to minimise noise from the hard drives. In the front our award winning Silent Series 140mm is fitted, together with a washable filter. It takes in air from the side ventilation holes in the front panel. This ensures an efficient, but yet silent, cooling over the hard drives. 

You can fit a Mini ITX or a Mini DTX motherboard into the case and there's also room for two expansion cards, for example a RAID card which you'd typically want to get the most out of your six hard drives. All necessary components and software naturally needs to be purchased separately, but we can recommend to use specialised NAS/Home Server software such as FreeNAS or Windows Home Server. Please note that there is no room for a 5,25-inch drive, we deliberately left this out since you don't generally use that in a NAS/Home Server environment, and it saved us a lot of space which we could use for fitting hard drives instead.


  • Built in high quality aluminium
  • Room for six silicone mounted 3,5-inch HDD
  • Room for one SSD
  • Removable HDD cage for easy mounting
  • Silent Series 140mm fan included in front, with washable filter
  • Space available for CPU cooler: circa 90mm height
  • Space available for expansion card: circa 140mm length
  • Fits Mini ITX and Mini DTX motherboards
  • Two expansion slots
  • Case dimensions (WxHxD): 250x200x350mm
  • Net weight: 4.1kg


  • 140mm Silent Series
  • Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • RPM: 600 +/- 10% RPM
  • Noise: 9 dBA
  • Airflow: 39 CFM, 66 m³/h
  • Connection: 3-pin
  • Power: 2.52 W +/- 10%
  • Textile covered electrical cable


  • EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041080435
  • Product code: FD-CA-ARRAYR2-BL-NOPSU
  • Gross weight: 4.3kg
  • Outer package dimensions (WxHxD): 330x265x430mm


"There's a fine line between minimalist beauty and lack of features, and no PC case rides that line like Fractal Design's R2: a little black cube with nothing up front but a single blue power light -- no USB port or headphone jack, no bay or slot for an optical drive. Anything that you need to plug into the R2 will go directly to your motherboard's ports in the back. If you're one of the many who are looking for a mini-ITX case to perform home server or network-attached storage duties, the R2 offers more drive space than any other mini-ITX case out there -- six 3.5" drives in all, with room for an additional 2.5", all secured with anti-vibration grommets. A quiet, filtered 140mm fan brings in air from the front, and the included SFX 300W PSU offers another quiet (and temperature-controlled) fan. Two expansion card slots offer 140mm (about 5.45") of clearance, which will suit a reasonable number of last-generation and low-profile video cards. While understandably cramped to work in (but no more than most other mini ITX cases), the build quality is far above average; the aluminum case feels like it could survive incidents that would cripple many other small form factor cases."

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"On the bright side i did see much modding potential when working on the Array R2 and so combined with the spacious interior and excellent build quality this could also prove to be the weapon of choice for modders."

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""Für mich stellt es das optimale Mini-ITX Gehäuse auf dem derzeitigen Markt dar. Es bietet eine umwerfende Optik, einfache aber umso effektivere Handhabung, Platz für die richtige Hardware und eine Qualität, die mich komplett zufrieden stellt.""

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"There is no doubt in my mind that Fractal Design is making some beautiful high quality cases and this case is no different. The brushed metal look and build quality make this one of the nicest raid array cases I have ever seen. I would not hesitate to have one of these sitting in my office, it is beautiful."

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TWEAK.DK 2010-08-12

"Fractal Design er genial og innovativ, hvad angår designet af deres kabinetter. Array R2 ser smaddergodt ud, og man kan med lethed have stående fremme - For eksempel under fjernsynet, uden at det forstyrrer omgivelserne designmæssigt. Array R2 er ikke bare et almindeligt kabinet, der falder i et med mængden - Det er designet efter Skandinavisk inspiration og smag, og passer derfor ind i de fleste Nordeuropæiske hjem."

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HARDWARE.INFO 2010-06-19

"De Array is een van de mooiste en kwalitatief goed gebouwde mini-ITX behuizingen die we sinds lange tijd in het Hardware.Info lab getest hebben. Is het daarmee de ideale kleine behuizing? Voor een NAS of Home Server is het in ieder geval een heel interessante optie."

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PC WORLD 2010-06-18

"Stilig design. Kompakt. Stillegående vifte og strømforsyning."

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BITCITY 2010-06-07

"A case for the implementation of NAS systems characterized by a modern and linear design and quality materials. This system is designed to create elegant alternative means of network storage. The finishes are excellent, with neat side panels and rounded edges. The front of the case receives only the power button and is completely devoid of frills. This makes the Mini-ITX NAS Array very nice to see and easy to integrate as exposed units, alongside other media devices and technology in your home"

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"Nun kommen wir zu den wichtigsten und besten Kriterien punkt in unserem Review. Das Array Mini NAS Case aus dem Hause Fractal Design hat einen super Lieferumfang womit man bestens bedient ist. Aber nicht nur einen guten Lieferumfang hat das Gehäuse, sondern die Verarbeitung vom Gehäuse, ist einfach einzigartig und deutet auf keine negativen Mängel hin. Mit dem eingebauten 140mm Lüfter und dem 300W Netzteil ist man bestens mit ausgestattet, und man hat somit 1a Ware drin verbaut. Allerdings hat der Array Mini NAS Case auch einen stolzen Preis, glatte 160€! Stolzer Preis, dafür aber hat man sicherlich einen super Server – PC und 1a Qualität ist im Gehäuse drin verbaut. Wir selber haben den Array Mini NAS als Server-PC im Einsatz und können diesen Tower von Fractal Design, bestens weiter empfehlen!"

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REVIEW-BASE 2010-05-04

"Wieder einmal sind wir sehr erstaunt von der Verarbeitung eines Fractal Design Produktes. Das Array Mini NAS Case ist nun das 2. Gehäuse aus dem Hause Fractal Design und glänzt mit einem perfekten Gesamtpaket."

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WE GOT SERVED 2010-05-04

"That said, the Array remains a great looking case, and if you can stretch your budget, you’ll end up with a fabulous mini-ITX based home server that will serve you well for years to come."

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"Som vi redan har konstaterat är utbudet av små och smidiga chassin ämnade för serverbruk begränsat. Detta är något Fractal Design vill råda bot på med Array. Chassit kombinerar den smidiga och användbara formfaktorn mini-ITX med plats för hela sex 3,5-tumshårddiskar – allt i en förpackning av borstad, svart aluminium. Byggkvalitén är oklanderlig där känsla och finish för tankarna närmast till något chassi från Lian Li. Vad gäller funktion i allmänhet är de flesta detaljer ordentligt tilltänkta."

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HARDWARE.NO 2010-04-28

"Fysisk sett er ikke Fractal Design Array et utrolig lite kabinett, men det er mindre enn det meste. Det er basert på ITX-platformen, noe som i sin tur setter rammene. Det noe unike ved Array er at kabinettet kommer utrustet med plasser for hele syv lagringsmedier, og da er det fortsatt god plass til en rekke andre komponenter. Vi ser i all hovedsak for oss at dette kabinettet vil bli brukt som en slags NAS-enhet du selv setter opp. Selv om det finnes mange slike ferdige løsninger på markedet, har du her en større frihet til å velge oppsettet selv. Samtidig ser vi få problemer i at du kan benytte dette kabinettet til et mediasenter."

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