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NEWTON 1000W, Smart modular

Real wattages, totally configurable

The key features

  • 100% real wattage - this PSU delivers true wattages
  • Smart Modular - configure the 12V-loads all by yourself
  • Modular cablings - stop the clutter in your PC case
  • Silent and 80%+ efficiency - save your ears and the environment
  • Quality - Durability and extremely low failure rate

Smart Modular!
In order to use these 100% real wattages the best way, Fractal Design has created a unique control system - the Smart Modular cablings. With this you have the possibility to configure the loads on the 12V-rails which ever way you want.

The power
When you buy a Fractal Design power supply, you can be reassured that you get what you pay for. 100% real wattage, we guarantee that it can run with continous load on the specified wattage. We have even tested running the power supplies at much higher wattages continously than the specified, without any problems. One other important factor with this PSU is that it has a very good efficiency, well over 80%.

The silence
Apart from being powerful, this power supply won't break your ears. On the contrary, it will be hard to know if it's actually running or not! With a hand picked, high quality 135mm fan mounted with rubber fittings, the fan will only spin as much as needed under the different loads. The high efficiency of well over 80% is crucial, since it minimizes the heat the power supply emits, enabling the fan to spin at lower speeds and be more silent.

Every manufacturer claims to have this, but we have real life numbers to show: less than 1% in RMA rate is an impressively low number. We value durability when creating our power supplies, we never choose to save costs when choosing the components inside the power supply.

Available connections

  • 2pcs SATA-cables w/ 3pcs connectors each, totalling 6pcs SATA-connections. One longer cable (65cm) and one shorter (50cm).
  • 2pcs power cables w/ 3pcs molex 4pin connectors each, totalling 6pcs 4pin connections. One longer cable (65cm) and one shorter (50cm).
  • One power cable w/ 2pcs molex 4pin connectors and 1pcs floppy power connector. 65cm long in total.
  • 2pcs PCI-express connectors w/ 6/8pin connector. Both are 45cm long.

How to connect the Smart Modular
As mentioned above, this PSU is fitted with smart modular cablings, which enables you to configure the load of the PSU in many ways. The PSU has four +12V-rails. The ATX 20/24pin and CPU 4/8pin connectors are not modular and these are connected to +12V4 respectively +12V3. The +12V3 is not available in the backplane, it's reserved fully for 4/8pin.
The rails +12V1 and +12V2 are not placed with any load upon delivery. The ATX 20/24pin draws quite little current, so on +12V4 it's possible to connect further devices such as DC fans and harddrives/optical drives. Below are our recommendations for connections. These may of course vary depending on the systems used.

Recommendation for system with 1pcs PCI-express graphic card

  • +12V1 - PCI-e
  • +12V2 - Harddrives/optical drives
  • +12V3 - Reserved for 4/8pin CPU
  • +12V4 - ATX 20/24pin and DC-fans

Recommendation for system with 2pcs PCI-express graphic card

  • +12V1 - PCI-e nr 1
  • +12V2 - PCI-e nr 2
  • +12V3 - Reserved for 4/8pin CPU
  • +12V4 - ATX 20/24pin, DC-fans and harddrives/optical drives
FD-PSU-NEWT-1000 Loading Noise level

Loading percentage

10% 18.5 DB
Loading percentage 20% 19.6 DB
Loading percentage 40% 22.1 DB
Loading percentage 50% 26.4 DB
Loading percentage 70% 28.2 DB
Loading percentage 80% 30.5 DB
Loading percentage 100% 32.0 DB

Additional information

  • Delivered in a retail box with EAN-code printed on it
  • EAN/GTIN-13: 7350041080084
  • Product code: FD-PSU-NEWT-1000
  • Box quantity: 8pcs/box
  • EU Customs ID: 8473308000
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